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Music brings people together, and creativity opens hearts. Welcome to my online portfolio. I'm excited to share my work with you! Take a look around to see some of my latest projects and learn more about my background and creative influences. Interested in one of my pieces or having me create a customized piece just for you? Please contact me.

My life is all about being a recording artist.  I live and breathe to write and record.  Find out about my background and artistic accomplishments.  Are you looking for a great piece of music for TV & Film?


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Welcome to my website!

My name is Jobe Jude, an award winning singer-songwriter with quite a collection of Rock, Country & Blues songs.  I was the front man and main writer for a Americana/country-rock group called “Firewater” that formed in the late 70’s in Kansas City, MO.  By the early 80’s, the group Firewater was based out of the Central Ohio area. In 1983, Firewater released their first single, “Saddle My Horse” on the A side and “Thing Called Love” on the B side.  Yes, it was a real 45!  After a revolving door of band members, the core group of ten years disbanded,

My songwriting started taking me in a new direction.  One remaining member, Doc Watts, joined me on an alternative rock solo project. I can not thank Doc Watts enough,for some reason he always belived in me and he was a gifted musician that could play anything and hands down one of the best Bass Players in the World, Of course, changing styles of music was a shock to my country/rock fans.  Most of them, not all, still came out and supported the group.  The 1994 release of “Peace of Mind” enjoyed numerous Top Ten chartings on CMJ reporting stations.

                Some years have passed, and my wifey of many years, put me on “Facebook”.  Almost immediately I was contacted by an old club owner from Kansas City.  Mike Holliger of the Missouri Breaks club.  We had fallen out of touch over the years, but when he saw me on facebook, he asked to hear some of my music.  So I sent it.  Next thing I know, he’s trying to talk me into releasing some music.  I have to say, I was very reluctant due to the fact that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, had four hand surgeries, and was still unable to play.

                I passed this info on to some of my musician friends and sessions players.  The next thing I knew I was trying to find a place to bake my 2 inch master tapes.  I sent them to Sonicraft in New Jersey.  I know a lot of artists who have lost all their songs on tape during baking.  I am proud to say, Steve Puntolillo at www.sonicraft.com took great care of my master tapes.  They were able to save every track and transfer them to digital files.  That was the sign that I should do this project.  It will have both “Firewater” and my solo material on it.  It will be called “The Lost Tapes”.

                I hope my fans, friends, and family will enjoy.  I am not looking for a record deal.  I am too ill to tour.  But I sure wouldn’t mind hearing my tunes in a Film or TV show,


Jobe Jude


Peace of Mind

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